Company Profile

Hira Terry Mills Limited was incorporated in 2005 as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. The company head office is located at 44-E/1, Gulberg-III, Lahore, however its production facility is located at Raiwind Manga Road.

The company started its commercial operations during 2007. With the expansion of the export sales of Hira Terry Mills, the company installed additional manufacturing units/facilities during 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Today, the company is a well-known terry towel supplier in Pakistan to major institutional and retail buyers around the world. It is one of leading exporters of towel products in Pakistan with a vast client base in the Western world. In fact, Hira Terry Mills is the only high-end towel manufacturing company for the international designer brands. As a vertically integrated terry towel manufacturer in Pakistan –Hira Terry Mills has all the solutions in-house, which enables the company to achieve short lead times and on-time delivery to buyers worldwide.

Company Registration Number: 0050872

Company National Tax Number: 2489879-1

The Hira Group

Hira Group comprises of the following two state of the art textile units and a US based marketing and sales company:

  1. Hira Terry Mills Limited
  2. Hira Textile Mills Limited
  3. Bolan Trading Company, LLC, USA

Both textile manufacturing units are located adjacent to each other at 8km from Manga Raiwand Road, Lahore.

Hira Terry Mills Limited

Since its inception, Hira Terry Mills has been one of the leading innovators and market trend setters in the towel industry of the region. The entire manufacturing is based on custom-made items for specific clientele for export purposes. Hira Terry Mills is a completely integrated towel manufacturing unit with all facilities in-house. Due to consistent growth in business, Hira Terry Mills was able to record an annual turnover of PKR 3.6Billion during 2016.

Hira Textile Limited

Hira Textile produces cotton yarn with the facility of an in-house dying unit. Hira Textile is a composite textile manufacturing unit which is engaged in the manufacture and sale of various kinds of spinning, Dying / bleaching and doubling products mainly for export purposes. Hira Textile mills has 41424 spindles. The company has also the most modern yarn dying and yarn doubling unit and in house power generation facilities with a capacity 18.65 MW. The company's production facilities comprise of spun yarn, dyed / bleached yarn, zero twist / double yarn.

Bolan Trading Company

Bolan Trading Company is acting as the marketing, sales, distribution and logistics unit, responsible for managing the export business of Hira Terry Mills Limited.

Hira group is a completely vertically integrated textile group. The units, apart from producing and exporting their respective products all across the world, also act as a fine example of the vertical integration where at times yarn is obtained from Hira Textile and optimally weaved for making towels in Hira Terry.

Corporate Values

Corporate Vision

To be a dynamic, responsible, profitable and professionally managed business organization

Corporate Mission

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, honesty, openness and professionalism in all of our activities

Corporate Objectives

To build efficiencies, productivity and professionalism in our work to grow and provide our customers with a competitive advantage through superior quality products at affordable prices

Core Competencies

  • We are striving to improve the quality of our towel and terry products by continuously improving our manufacturing facilities and processes.
  • We are committed to positioning the company at the apex of the industry by satisfying our valued customers.
  • We have committed ourselves to providing congenial work environment where the employees feel part of the Hira group family.
  • We aim to be a good corporate citizen by fulfilling our social responsibilities

Permissible Business Activities

  1. To carry on the business of establishing, managing and running hosiery mills for manufacturing towels and other hosiery items, cotton textile mills, including cotton spinning, weaving, manufacture of cloth, and textile fabrics of all kinds and jute flax and hemp, cotton and wool merchants, wool combers, worsted spinners, woolen spinners, yarn merchants, worsted stuff merchants, bleachers, dyers and manufactures of bleaching and dyeing materials in Pakistan and all over the world.
  2. To carry on all or any of the business of manufacturer, importer and exporter of hosiery items including but no limited to towels, cloth manufacturers, furriers, haberdashers. Wholesale and retail dealers of textile fabrics, towel and hosiery of all kinds, milliners, dress makers, tailors, hatters, outfitters, feather dressers, lace. Wholesale and retail dealers of textile products, materials, provisions and produce in Pakistan and anywhere else in the world.
  3. Throughout Pakistan and throughout the world, to weave awl otherwise manufacture, buy and sell and import and export and deal in all kinds of hosiery items including but not limited to towels, yarn, cloth and other goods and fabrics, leather textile, netted, felted or looped.
  4. To install setup and operate power generation projects for own consumption and for sale and distribution of electricity.
  5. To carry on business of manufacturers, buyers, sellers, spinners, weavers, ginners, presses, packers, balers, processors and dealers in all kinds of yarn, fabrics, fibrous substance and material, whether natural or synthetic, threads, polyester synthetic, silk, rayon, nylon and worsted yarns and fabrics of every kind and every type and textile of any varieties.
  6. To carry on the business of spinners, weavers, manufacturers, balers and pressers of jute, jute cuttings, jute rejections, hemp, cotton, flax and any other fibrous materials and the cultivation thereof, and the business of buyers, sellers, exporters and importers, dealers in jute, jute cuttings, jute rejections, towels, hemp, cotton, flax and any other fibrous materials and of goods and merchandise made thereof, and to transact all manufacturing or curing and preparing, processing and other business that may be necessary or expedient and to purchase and vend the raw material and manufactured articles.
  7. To carry on the business of wool in all its respective branches as spinners, weavers, sharers, pickers, sorters, staplers, winders, graders, carders balers, pressers, combers, bleachers and dyers.
  8. To purchase, comb, prepare, spin, dye and deal in cotton, polyester, wool, rayon, silk, jute, flax, hemp and any other fibrous substances within and outside Pakistan.
  9. To carry on the business of manufacturers, importers and exporters of textile, leather and other garments of all kinds and to import raw materials used in the manufacture of garments.
  10. To carry on the business of woolen hosiery products, in all its various aspects including its production and trading.
  11. To carry on the business of making, weaving, producing all and every type of knitwear and to buy, sell, import, export and deal in knitwear.
  12. To carry on the business of duree, carpets, bed linen, manufacture and dyeing, bleaching, printing, combing, preparing, spinning, weaving, manufacturing, selling,, buying and otherwise dealing in yarn, linen, cloth, duree, carpets and other goods and fabrics made through and by cotton, polyester, silk, jute, wool and other materials.
  13. To carry on the business of manufactures, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers and dealers in waterproof materials and fabrics, and tarpaulins.
  14. To supply yarn, materials to loom weavers, to assist, employ and hire their services, and to buy, sell and deal in their produce ket such products.
  15. To acquire and take over the ownership and all assets and liabilities of any business, firm or corporation in line with a view thereto to enter into an arrangement and carry into effect the same with or without modification.
  16. To carry on all kinds of contracts of Private Sector, Government, Local Bodies and other authorities.
  17. To invest, acquire and hold shares, stocks, debenture stock, bonds, obligations securities, issued or guaranteed by any company, constituted in Pakistan or abroad or issued or guaranteed by any Government, state, sovereigns, commissioners, Public body or authority, Supreme, Local or otherwise but not to act as investment or banking Company.
  18. To borrow, raise or secure the payments of money by the issue of debentures, debenture -stock, bonds, obligations and securities of all kinds, or on personal security or without security and to frame, constitute, and secure the same as may seem expedient, with full power to make the same transferable by delivery or by instruments of transfer or otherwise and either perpetual or terminable and either redeemable or otherwise on the undertaking of the Company or upon any specific property and rights, present and future of the Company.
  19. To invest and deal with the surplus moneys of the Company not immediately required in such lawful form as may be thought expedient.
  20. To procure the Company to be registered or recognized in any to foreign country or any place for the promotion of any business of the Company.
  21. To create any reserve fund, sinking fund, insurance fund or any other special fund whether for depreciation or for repairing, insuring, improving, extending or maintaining any of the property of the Company or for any other purpose conducive in the interests of the company.
  22. All other allied activities covered in the Memorandum of Association of the company.

Status of Company

Economically Significant Company.

Certifications and Awards

Hira Terry Mills is known for its continued commitment to compliance with local and international quality controls, labor and environmental laws. We have been often credited for being the most compliant terry towel manufacturing facilities in Pakistan by the buyers. We are also highly conscious about the environmental issues and strive to win better quality and compliant ratings from global agencies. That’s exactly why buyers think of us as the most responsible towel manufacturer in Pakistan.

Membership of Industry Associations:

  • All-Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA)
  • Towel Manufacturing Association (TMA)
  • Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • All-Pakistan Bedsheets and Upholstery Manufacturers Association (APBUMA)

International Certifications:

  • GOTS-Organic Textile Standard Certified
  • ISO 9002-14001 Certified
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • Egyptian Cotton Certified
  • Sedex/SMETA Certified
  • Sepia Cotton Certified
  • OEKOTEX Certified

HSE Complaince

Hira Terry Mills recognizes that global buyers have now really conscious about sustainability and environmental footprint of the sourcing companies. Operating business in production services has significant health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects to be handled. Therefore, Hira Terry Mills focuses on operating its business with regards to the HSE in order to prevent harm through operations or negligence. The company has integrated HSE policies into its strategic decision making and adequate safety and prevention/protective measures have been introduced at all levels and monitored periodically. The company also conducts regular briefing/awareness sessions of all the employees to keep them abreast with the HSE prevention drills, procedures and policies to protect the environment as well as personnel from harm.

Skilled Workforce
and Social Compliance

Hira Terry Mills prides itself in hiring and maintaining a strong workforce of skilled workers. The company prides itself in offering competitive wages to its workers with due emphasis on constant upgrading of the skills of the workers. The company endeavors to improve the lives of its workers through the following ways:

  • Provision of Pure Drinking Water Facility
  • Availability of Hygienic dining facility for all employees
  • Conducting Training Sessions for human development
  • Opening of a Company Fair Price Facility for Employees
  • Ensuring No Child Labor in the Company

Inspection and Shipments

All finished products are thoroughly checked for quality before packaging. Final inspection is done with calibrated final Inspector. The company has a ZERO tolerance approach in final inspection.

After the inception and packaging, the finished products are stored in the Finished Goods Warehouse having a capacity of about 100,000 square foot. The company maintains a regular liaison with the shipping and logistics industry both with Pakistan and USA to ensure timely transportation and delivery of consignments to its customers.

Sales and Distributions

Hira Terry Mills has a staff of well-trained and experienced salesmen, who know both the domestic market and the international market well. Since the establishment, we have established stable business relationships with many European and American customers by providing high quality products at the most favorable prices and excellent customer service.

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Hira Terry Mills Limited can fulfill buyers’ requirements with a much shorter lead time and greater efficiency.

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